Browns are not expected to pursue a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

News earlier today that the 49ers have given Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade has created a question about which team or teams might have interest. Most teams already have their quarterback rooms set for training camp.

The Browns are one team that still has uncertainty at the position while awaiting NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson’s ruling on a potential suspension for Deshaun Watson.

The Browns, though, are not expected to pursue a trade for Garoppolo, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

PFT reported earlier this week that the Browns are privately bracing for an eight-game suspension of Watson. They are comfortable that Jacoby Brissett can “hold down the fort, especially with a relatively soft first four games,” until Watson returns, according to Cabot.

Garoppolo has a base salary of $24.2 million this season, but a trade almost certainly will include an agreement between the quarterback and his new team to reduce that number. Garoppolo, though, might have difficulty finding a ton of interest at this late date, especially if the Browns don’t have interest.